Pocket Weights

Release date: 2017

A physics puzzle in 2017?


Once upon a time on a quiet summer day, a peacefully travelling radioactive mutant-fly flew into the open window on the kitchen.

Charmed by the scents, it mistakenly bit kitchen scales weights which were standing calmly on the table.

The bitten weights came to life and started to multiply desperately, breaking all the laws of biology and common sense! Achieve the balance — that’s the uniting idea of their existence!

Help them in this tough task and test your own sense of balance!


  • Great for all ages
  • Cute graphics
  • Nice music
  • Train your attention, accuracy and balance
  • 64 levels
  • Infinite play mode

Keep in mind that to get the perfect score you have to: don’t lose any weights, tap flying/swimming/walking thing and don’t let the platform tilt too much.

At home and on the road, in the line and on the break — Pocket Weights is a perfect game to kill some time!